Anthony & Staci Lo Cascio come to the Holy City!!

Join us for Beg/Int Tap, Musical Theater, and Int/Tap on Sat, Dec 3 at Palmetto City Ballet for world-class guest instruction by Anthony & Staci LoCascio!

Anthony Lo Cascio

Native New Yorker, Anthony Lo Cascio, is the first American to earn a standing role as an NYC cast member in “Tap Dogs”. He has performed and taught in all 50 states and a few other countries, made various TV appearances, as well as opened shows for many greats including Stevie Wonder.

Teaching, performing & choreographing is truly Anthony’s life passion and the combination of these things led him to the unexpected birth of his own tap company. Once taking on the role of Artistic Director for #Taplife Company, he started producing original shows & music videos as well as mentoring young tap dancers all over the country.

Anthony’s current projects are not only dance related as he has a keen interest in technological developments that can enhance the dance studio industry.

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Staci Lo Cascio

Staci Lo Cascio grew up in Kansas City, started dancing (tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, acrobatics, and theatre) at the age of 2 and was already teaching others by the age of 13 through a Teachers’ Training Program.  She was part of the Kansas City Dance Theatre Company which performed 2 full-length musical-dance productions a year. KCDTC and DMA rewarded her with scholarships that took Staci to NY, LA, Chicago and other locations across the country.

After performing in a Regional production of “42nd Street”, she toured Internationally with “Sesame Street Live!” & performed on “The Today Show” with them before landing in Chicago. While in Chicago, Staci choreographed for various dance studios and musicals for High School & Community Theatre programs. She currently resides in NYC and performs with and serves as the Company Manager for #Taplife, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and also recently co-authored “Food As A Prescription” with husband, Anthony Lo Cascio.